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for video and aerial imagery

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Our ultra-light UAV are at the crossroads of the aircraft model, computing and imaging high definition. All our kits are supplied key hand "ready to fly".

You perform well independently, work imaging and aerial video at low altitude.

Without getting into an airplane or helicopter, one person can collect, analyze and measure infrastructure rarely at a level unmatched.

This is maybe your turn to take your pictures with our UAV...

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Team of Uav-Aerial-Photography

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Pixy UAV - RC Plateform


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A small UAV photographs in detail

the nuclear plants of Fukushima

March 24th a Japanese mini-drone of the Company Air Photo Service with flown over at very low altitude the nuclear plant of Fukushima. The air photographs carried out of high-resolution make it possible to observe the least detail of the reactors damaged by the consequences of the Tsunami. The following day, Friday, March 25, our small company receives a message of the Japanese nuclear authorities: " URGENT! We seek UAV able to fly over the nuclear station of Fukushima at low altitude to take... see more

Pixy UAV Video : 2.23 min.




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